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The Family Business Podcast

Welcome to the Family Business Podcast hosted by Russ Haworth 

Feb 23, 2018

Ever wondered why your Mum or Dad won't discuss succession? 

Are you a business owner but scared of what life outside the business may look like? 

This episode is for you! 

We speak with Dr Allie Taylor of OrangeKiwi, a consultancy business based in California.  

Allie has recently completed her PhD and used her dissertation as the basis for a white paper that looks at the character traits and behaviours of entrepreneurs who may struggle with business transitions. 

Allie explains these traits and you may recognise them in you or a loved one. We also discuss what can be done to help deal with these. 

Allie can be reached at and the white paper we discuss can be accessed via that site also. 

OrangeKiwi are @orangekiwillc on Twitter